Sunday, July 25, 2010

It has been a busy summer and is it ever hot!
I went shopping for a purse one day and to my discouragement the only one's I really liked were very expensive, so I decided to make one with some material I bought at a local fabric store. The material is a chocolate brown swirl with a green tear like leaf. I made 2 pockets in the front for keys and cell phone because that is a must. I put a lotion bottle in the pocket so you could see it.
This is the inside of the purse and what I did was made a pocket on the inside and free motion quilted it all over. I also included some fancy stitching around the pockets and strap. I took me maybe 3 hours to do. I love it and started to use it already.
Here is another quilt from the past of things I have made that I promised to show. This quilt was made for my niece Rosie who graduated high school this past June. This was at her graduation party when she opened her present. I am so proud of her, she is a beautiful God fearing young women, and of course she like the quilt.
If you click on the picture it will become bigger and you will be able to see her name that I free motion quilted in at the very top of the quilt with a few little matching buttons and yoyo's.

This is the back side of the quilt where I did the free motion quilting of flowers!!!! My sister and I took the girls and there friends to Magic Mountain in California, We had a blast and of course they all went on all the crazy roller coaster rides, made me sick just watching. What fun we had!!!
I am so excited to see new followers. Welcome and I hope to get to know each and everyone of you. I have had request to show my cloth dolls that I have made so that will be next time until then remember Matthew 21:22 "What ever things you ask in prayer, believing you WILL receive".
Be blessed in all you do!!!


  1. I love you auntie and think that your quilts are Art and warmth for the soul. You are such an inspiration of Love, God is happy to have you representing his Christian values!

  2. Your talent with sewing never ceases to amaze me!! This purse is fantastic! Your blog is an inspiration to! God bless your entire family sis

  3. Ruth will be greatly missed. I will see her in heaven. My heart aches for Phil and the girls.

  4. Beautiful bag Ruth! I also love the quilt for the graduation! Pretty colors!

    Happy sewing!