Monday, June 21, 2010

Past Quilts

This is my sewing room.

My husband bought me a Janome 6500 for my birthday and made the table that it sits in. I have my own sewing room that I love and find myself in there a lot. The quilt on the wall is a Sun Bonnet Sue quilt I made years ago for myself, the quilt on the table is the quilt I made for my friend Margaret for her Birthday.
This was a pinwheel quilt I made for my nephew's new son Raymond III.

This quilt I made for my friends 1st granddaughter Olivia.

This quilt was made for my other friends 1st grandson Bryce. It is so cool to have all these new baby's around. Well there are more but that will have to be another day. Have a bless day!! Ruth

Friday, June 11, 2010

New Adventure!!!!

A new adventure!!!!! I am so excited about this blogging site. This will be my little place in the world were I can share the many things I love. Quilting is a passion of mine and a dream that I have for the future. I am not much of a writer so I am sure that there will be more pictures then writing on this blog, however I hope to get very inspired to write lot more. I am very new at this so I am sure that it will take some time of getting use to. I am so looking forward to this new adventure and to have my family and friends come along and I really look forward to meeting new blogger friends. Have a blessed day!